Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Guessed It: More Words

The setting sun stencils erratic shadow-stamps
Against the egg-white-walls.
A myriad of face and feature, ever shifting.
Hundreds of thousands of melded forms,
And your hands laced all through my hair,
Tangled and tangling, entwined and twining.

I need you,
Like a breath of fresh air
On the ocean bottom.
I want you,
Like the dammed want salvation,
Like a martyr for redemption.
And longing like a sinner,
For a few moments of deeper perception,
To amplify this already profound connection.
I want to drink you in, one gulp at a time,
Lazy inhales up and into my lungs with a listless
Roll and twist.

So come my friend, the hour is late and the shadow long.
The ceaseless sun is setting and the night sky stands stark.
Fingers lattice like tree root and earth, perfectly content to live and belong.
Pull close to me now, and don't ever depart.