Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Something: Again

Your breath rolls like the purest water through the humid air.
Eyes sharp, alert, staring head long into my own.
Our bodies entwined, our spirits aligned,
Ceasing to be one and another,
Instead simply being one,
And one alone.

Outstretched arms, your breath in mine.
Two minds racing, and meaning defined.
Submission to the simplest of rules,
To slip past that last inch, between you and I,
Escaping the fate that many wiser have surmised,
A love unexpressed shall wither and die.

The world breaks on it's predictable fault lines.
Oceans sent spraying like wasted silver into the canyons,
Sky melting into the crumbling footholds at the base of every mountain.
The stars above shifting this way and that.

The world renewed, the planets re-aligned.
Your embrace embraced, your hand in mine,
The sounds are simple, the cool air defined,
As we both retire, with a peaceful resign.


Also: www.filesmelt.com/dl/Essence_Of_Free_Thinking.mp3
Me and a buddy made that last night.


  1. You have a wealth of great writing here on this board. Looking forward to reading more

  2. This is really good. do you just write for yourself or are you making a future of it??

  3. I do write for myself mostly, I would love to make a future out of it, but part of me is concerned that I would lose the actual passion for the craft, and solely start to write for money.

  4. i like to read your blog. keep on writing, bro!

  5. You have a poetic talent. And be sure to visit my site for reviews n' stuff.


  6. keep posting. Good work on here.

  7. I actually needed a poem for a school project. Thanks!
    Following you, if you'd like to see my blog:

  8. you should add some rainy mood to that :D google it :] <3

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  10. That's some deep stuff.

    Supportin'. Thanks.