Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Word Thing For A Bit

The sky has never been a more magnificent shade of blue.
The clouds, never as poignantly places in their respective positions.
Ever blade and sliver of green on this good earth,
Is upturned and open wide in unifying anticipation.
The world revolves in lazy parabola's,
Each cycle winding down the seconds like
Wood chips beneath a carvers blade.

The air never smelled so sweet,
As it does in this very moment.
Everything hangs still,
Each and every breath
Gets all caught up,
Slowed up, stopped up,
In the final seconds before
The feeble frigates of these
Floodgates fly free.

There has never been,
A smile as bright as yours.
No stars in the sky,
Nor diamonds embedded in crust,
Compare to the luster of your eyes.
With the gentlest of touches,
You are capable of shaking entire
Worlds to their knees.
With tidal waves spilled forth
From the softest of breaths,
Your speech spins itself into
Quakes that roll the ground like
Soft dough.

From this day outward,
In every conceivable direction,
Your influence will flow.
Into every scene of beauty,
Every rippling surface of water,
And every mountain that reflects upon them.
Your voice melding to every birds sweet summer song,
And the gentle vespers spent at the mouth of every river.
You are the sun fading across the lonely desert,
And the moon as it permeates the icy prisms of the arctic night.

The sun sets low,
Golden haze bleeding with the most subtle hints of
Ocher and crimson,
It's brilliance caught in your eyes,
Unkempt and unrestrained.
The horizon blends and bends,
To match the soft curvature of your smile,
And the sky goes to a brilliant shade of indigo,
Punctuated by eternal spots of flame.