Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Something I Wrote

One more time I'll say it.
You're nothing when I'm gone.
Come on let me hear you say it,
Let me hear you sing along.

Down on your knees and praying,
For all the hurt to go away.
Your will to fight is slowly scraping,
Thinner than the thinnest blue.
All you have to do is say it,
And we can see this through.

Preying on your every gasp and groan.
Cutting through with ivory whites.
Slipping beneath your skin like the sharpest stone,
Breaking you down from the inside out.

Let me hear you say it.
You'll never move beyond.
Let me hear you preach it,
This is where you belong.

Drag you down to the ocean floor.
Maroon blacks and soundless scores.
Feel my irons draw out to bite,
Clasped in place and out of sight.

Breathing thin between the mumbled moans.
Shivering cold at the very sight,
Recalling life before this endless night.
Singing your song of sorrows,
All alone.

One more time,
One more time,
One more time,
Just one last time.
Let me hear you say it.


  1. What would you like me to say?

    I'll say it.

  2. I like this a lot. Very well done.

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  4. i enjoyed it. looking forward to more.