Monday, September 6, 2010

A Poem For My Girlfriend

Invitation to a strange world.
Where the sapphire sun sets sideways,
And the red grass shoots like lightning
Through the bedrock.

Slipping through inch by inch, I tumble in.
Where the cool summer air sighs gently,
And every cloud has a story to tell.
Where the night sky becomes a painted canvas
Of gems and jewels.

Caught at the precipice of captivation.
Defiant plateaus swim in the distance.
Their summits are knife-bladed, gilded
With gold-spun willow-trees.
The seraphic scenery beckons me,
Calling at every fiber of my being.
Leading me by graced gentle hand.

Birds sing in melodious harmony
As I descend into this new world
My shoes kick up small tufts of dust
From the ancient road beneath my feet.
They waft like feathers on the current.

Babbling and whispering it's own sweet song,
The sound of water swells to meet my ears.
Resting serene by the water's edge,
I look out into the shimmering depths.
Skipping pure white stones against the liquid glass.

You come to me in every ripple of it's surface.
Every reflection on this watered mirror.
You are the birds in the trees,
And their song in my ears.
You are the sun on my skin,
And the waves on the surface of a lake.
You are the wondrous depths of the ocean,
And the stars that dwell in their homes above.
You are the world that stretches before me,
And the home I've always hoped for.
You are the warmth of a fire on a cold night,
And the piped-piper of my soul by the mornings light.

Sleep becomes me out here
By the water's shifting edge.
Your image coming through in waves
Of cool blue and sunburst orange.
Flashes of your smile,
Slivers of laughter,
Moments played,
Over and over
Till the sun
Dims out
A dark